Informative Training Tools

The USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council has developed many tools to help you gain more familiarity with pulses…from their history and health benefits to baking guides and technical formulations. All of our brochures are available free to download:

Pulses: The Heart of Healthy FoodPulses: The Heart of Healthy Food

This comprehensive brochure will take you through the culinary history and unique attributes of pulses, showcasing their value in product innovation and menuing.



Pulses: The Perfect FoodPulses: The Perfect Food

Discover the health benefits of pulses, along with nutrition information, preparation tips and menu suggestions.




Pulses...Gluten-Free: Give gluten-free flour powerPulses…Gluten-Free: Give gluten-free flour power

Pulse flours make it easy and economical to serve up gluten-free items that taste great. This guide compares the nutrient content of pulse flours against traditional flours used for baking.




Baking Guide for PulsesFlavor and Funcitonality: Baking with Pulses

A “how to” guide for baking with pulse flour, fiber, protein and starch, including nutritional analysis, baking challenges, considerations and solutions.  




Pea ProteinPea Protein

Learn how food scientists are using pea protein as a functional and affordable egg alternative, fortifying baked goods, snacks, cereals, pastas, energy bars and beverages.


Pulse FlourPulse Flour

An in-depth look at the functionality of yellow pea flour, along with a variety of recipes.