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Last week, The Spokesman-Review, a local newspaper based out of Spokane, Washington, featured three separate articles on pulses. Each article highlighted the importance of the pulse industry and the role they play in the Pacific Northwest. 

The first article, Chickpeas, Lentils and Other ‘Pulses’ are Having a Renaissance Moment- and It’s a Boon for Northwest Farmers, features quotes from USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council CEO, Tim McGreevy and pulse grower and USADPLC member, Allen Druffel. Together, they discuss how the demand of pulse crops has increased in recent years and how that is affecting local farmers. They also discuss why domestic demand is growing, attributing most of that success to popular dishes such as hummus. To read the article, click the following link: 



Todd Scholz, USADPLC Vice President of Research and Member Services, is found quoted in the Spokesman-Review’s second article, Next Big Thing in Pulse Research: Peas that Grow Beneath Winter Snow. Dubbed “one of the most promising advancements in pulse research” the article provides the who, what, when, and where on the research of autumn planted peas. It also shares the promising results thus far. To learn about this research, click the following link: 



In the final article, Pete Klaiber, USADPLC Vice President of Marketing provides an insight on the United States and India’s trade relations in regard to pulses. Klaiber thoroughly explains the tariffs that have recently been imposed and the affects they are having on the pulse industry. He also shares some background on why the relationship has become so strained in recent years. To learn about trade relationships, click the following link: 



All the articles are a part of the Spokesman-Review’s series, “A Year in the Fields”, where reporters travel Washington state to meet farmers and better understand the challenges they face. All three articles were published on Sunday, June 24thand available to view online.

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