Pulses for Restaurants 

Dry peas, lentils and chickpeas are a staple of many cuisines from around the globe, but you might be wondering how to use them on your own menu. The USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council is here to help! Our chefs have developed recipes that span every daypart and menu item, so that you can see the versatility that pulses truly have to offer. Pulses are a cost-effective way to refresh your menu and accommodate patron requests for vegetarian, gluten-free and low-allergen dishes. Visit our Recipe Library for hundreds of inspiring, delicious ideas! 


Our food scientists have also perfected conversion ratios so that you can easily substitute pulse flours in baking applications where you would normally use white, wheat or other common flours. Our Flavor and Functionality: Baking with Pulses guide will walk you through the process and address the most common challenges chefs face when baking with pulses.