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There are many convenient forms of pulses (chickpeas, lentils, dry peas and beans) you can store at home for months or even years, from canned to refrigerated, frozen and more. Cooking dry pulses is easy too – we’ll show you how!

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Health and Nutrition

Pulses are a superb addition to any meal thanks to their nutritional benefits!

Pulses are so nutrient rich, they fit into both the vegetable sub-category (legumes) and the protein food group.



Pulses are incredibly affordable both for consumers and on a national and global scale. They are also contained in tons of delicious food products.


Half-Cup Habit

Make meal prep a breeze by signing up to receive FREE recipes, tips and shopping lists featuring pulses (chickpeas, beans, lentils or dry peas).

The Half-Cup Habit makes it simple to add the recommended 1 ½ cups of pulses per week (or ½ cup three times per week) to your diet. Packed with protein, fiber and nutrients, eating pulses can help you maintain a healthy weight and improve overall wellbeing.

Half-Cup Habit on

Bowl of healthy food with a half-cup of pulses

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