Delicious Pulse Recipes for the Cafeteria

Pulses belong on the plates of every kid in every cafeteria; has there ever been a truer sentence? Here you'll find all kinds of recipes for meals containing pulses, designed especially for school meals.

School Nutrition

Pulse Tips for Educators

Find education resources like pulse recipes, pulse health & nutrition information, and download handouts, posters, stickers and much more in the Pulse Tips for Educators section.

Pulse Tips

Powered by Pulses Great School Lunch Contest

We have the inside scoop on the three phenomenal recipes each team crafted and what it took to become grand champions of the Great School Lunch Contest.

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Pulse Activities

We have many pulse related activities for young learners to enjoy! Pulses are fun to plant and grow and a student can gain a lot from seeing how a pulse transforms from a seed to a leafy plant to a pulse bearing plant.

Pulse Activities

Pulse Curriculum

Pulses provide great learning experiences in the STEM fields for young students. Measuring of individual pulses, studying plant growth cycles and scientific classifications are just some of the ways young learners can grow alongside pulses. To see more ways how pulses can be used in the classroom, click here!

Pulses in the Classroom