The U.S.A. pulse crop industry is dedicated to robust scientific research to continue to advance dry peas, lentils, chickpeas, and dry beans.  Research directed towards enhancing the development of pulses provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate how their increased use and consumption and positively impact agricultural systems, the food industry, and public health.  Priority research areas include


(1) Breeding and Genetics

(2) Human Nutrition & Health

(3) Crop Management & Sustainability

(4) Economics & Sustainability

(5) Food Technology/Processing & Product Innovation

(6) Extension and Education


By addressing these priorities, we aim to keep both people and the planet healthy. 


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APA Strategic Goal # 2: Increase the body of research on health/nutrition, functionality, and production/sustainability of pulses.

The Pulse Crop Health Initiative (PCHI) is a focused effort to develop and apply scientific research on the known advantages of pulse crops.


Provide solutions to the critical health and sustainability challenges facing the citizens of the United States and the global community through research on pulse crops.

 Research Priority Areas

  • Health & Nutrition
  • Functionality & End Use
  • Sustainability & Production

 Funding Research

Supports the strategic planning goals for increasing research on pulses.

Pilot Programs Grants provide funding for proof of concept research projects.

“Consumption of legumes is advantageous and especially relevant to the management of obesity and its related co-morbidities because of the relative proportions of nutrients, especially protein and fibre, and the composition of its bioactive components.”

–Obesity Reviews 2014 Rebello, Greenway, & Finley