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Welcome to the Pulse Industry grower education website.  Registration for PulsED is absolutely free!

(Pesticide Credits WILL be available for this program!)

(puls... the Latin word for Pulses, and ED for Education)

PulsED is a partnership between the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council and the Spokane Regional Office of the USDA Risk Management Agency.

The idea behind PulsED?  Provide grower education on the best practices to grow pulse crops in the Pacific Northwest in order to reduce risk.  

PulsED is offering six (6) live event modules.  Registration is FREE.  The topics and schedule are listed below. 

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Time for all modules is at 7:30am Pacific Time Zone


Crop Insurance/Risk Management Agency Products: Conventional and organic growers will learn the different risk management products available through the Risk Management Agency, how to apply, available resources and expected results.

Module 2:  WEDN, MARCH  1, 2017 (COMPLETE: WATCH IT HERE )
Market Overview Module--Learn how to market your crop, from current and emerging markets, both international and domestic, and the promising ingredient market.  Organic markets will be discussed, but not in depth.  

Harvest Concerns: Conventional and organic growers will learn harvest and handling concerns, storage considerations, and best management practices for record keeping to minimize and evaluate risk.

Module 4: WEDN, NOVEMBER 15, 2017 (UPCOMING)
Pest Management Module #1: Root and Foliar Diseases--Growers will learn about disease identification, control, and management specific to pulse crops in the region. Identification segment is applicable to organic growers as well. Control for organic producers will be discussed, but not in depth. 

Module 5: WEDN, NOVEMBER 29, 2017 (UPCOMING)
Pest Management Module #2: Viral Diseases and Insect Management--Growers will learn pest identification, disease identification, control and management specific to pulse crops in the region.

Module 6: DECEMBER 13, 2017 (UPCOMING)
Planting Considerations and Weed Control: Conventional and organic growers will learn about ground prep; nutrients & inoculations, seed selection (including winter pulses & emerging crops), treatments and other planting considerations. Pesticide credit application pending.  Live webinar will originate as part of the Western Pulse Growers Association annual grower meeting.  Attend online or in person at the Best Western University Inn. 

More information and register at The PulsED Grower Education program is sponsored by the USDA RMA through the Risk Management Education Program in partnership with the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council.  Contact: Mike Shelton at


The PulsED grower education project is funded through a grant with the USDA Risk Management Agency.