US Pea &  Lentil Trade   Association

The US Pea & Lentil Trade Association (USPLTA) was established in 1962 to represent and support processors, warehousemen and sellers of dry peas, lentils and chickpeas. A board of 9 trade members is chaired by Justin Flaten of JM Grain in Garrison, ND and represents the trade industry's interests in a host of different issues including: market access, transportation, export and P.L. 480 programs, grading standards and trade rules.

In addition to representation in the national and international pulse industry, membership in the USPLTA offers the following benefits:

  • Trade Leads - timely market information and exposure to new markets
  • Trade Directory - address book distributed to members and customers
  • Web Listing - contact information published on industry website
  • Pulse Pipeline Newsletter - weekly publication with markets and current issues

Become a USPLTA member - read the USPLTA trade rules and call for an application.  Kim Monk, 208-882-3023.

Membership classifications include voting members (processor, first purchaser/elevator, warehouseman/seed dealer, exporter/dealer, broker/commission agent, finished product processor/food manufacturer) and non-voting members (associate member, associate international firm, retired member, honorary member).

For further membership information, contact Kim Monk at (208) 882-3023 or