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Dietitians, Physicians, & Nutritionists

Our “ Image 10 Reasons to Love Pulses (199 KB) ” infographic is a great way to start the conversation. With fun images and a conversational tone, this piece summarizes the nutritional power of pulses for your clients.

We also have a library full of pulse-centric recipes that address a variety of specialized diets: vegetarian, gluten-free, low allergen and high protein, to name a few.

If you’re looking for more detailed nutritional information about dry peas, lentils and chickpeas, please visit our Resources page.

Pulses RDN Toolkit

  1. Introduction:
    • What are pulses?
    • What are the benefits to eating pulses?
    • Why talk with your clients about pulses?
  2. Pulse Nutrients:
    • Basic nutritional analysis of a sampling of some of the more common pulses
    • Nutrient comparison charts
  3. Pulses and DGA:
    • The dietary guidelines for Americans are reviewed in a compact format.
    • The role of pulses in meeting those guidelines is clearly presented.
    • Learn how pulses fit into MyPlate.
  4. Special Pulses Topics:
    • Low FODMAP Diet, Incomplete Protein and Limiting Amino Acids, Allergies and Cross Reactivity
  5. Medical Nutritional Therapy & Special Dietary Needs:
    • Heart Healthy Diet, Diabetes Diet, Weight Loss
  6. Pulse Recipes:
    • Cooking with Pulses – basics
    • Pulses: The Heart of Every Meal, Pulses 5 Ways

See the Pulse RDN Toolkit


Download these graphics and share with clients or colleagues!