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    Catherine Sterner, Mark Sterner
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    5425 Wilson St., Riverside, CA 92509
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    The company was founded in 1985 upon its founders patented process to cook and air-dry pulses including specialized equipment to produce fully cooked whole, flake, and flour products. Precooked dehydrated whole beans used in dry packaged quick prep meals for soups, rice and beans, chili, etc.  Precooked dehydrated bean flakes deliver almost instant re-hydration for refried beans, dips, soups; or use dry for RTE snacks, toppers, etc. Fully cooked flour re-hydrates instantly and ideal for gluten free baking, snack processing, sauces; while imparting high protein, fiber, and flavor. Products available plain, flavored, seasoned. Conventional and organic. Industrial and form and fill packaging.

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  • Sells Adzuki beans
  • Sells Black beans
  • Sells Blackeye Peas
  • Sells Great Northern beans
  • Sells Dark Red Kidney Beans
  • Sells Navy beans
  • Sells Pinto beans
  • Sells Small Red beans


  • Sells Small chickpeas
  • Sells Organic chickpeas


  • Sells Green lentils
  • Sells Organic lentils


  • Sells Green Peas
  • Sells Split green peas
  • Sells Yellow Peas
  • Sells Whole yellow peas
  • Sells Split yellow peas

Pulse Ingredients

  • Sells Flakes
  • Sells Granules
  • Sells Precooked Flour

Foodservice Pulses

  • Sells Other Packaged