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    Bert Brocke
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    PO Box 159, 1710 State Hwy 3 West, Kendrick, ID 83537
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    George F. Brocke & Sons, Inc. is a fourth generation US pulse processor, beginning in 1950, that ships both domestically and internationally from production located primarily in north central Idaho and eastern Washington. Our Topnotch and Sundried brands are known all around the world for their consistent quality by all our domestic and global clients. Brockes is HACCP and Kosher certified and is now certified to handle organic pulse products. For consistent quality peas, lentils, garbanzo beans as well as forage and feed products, George F. Brocke & Sons, Inc. is your one-stop supplier for quality pulse products. 

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  • Sells Large chickpeas
  • Sells Small chickpeas
  • Sells Organic chickpeas


  • Sells Black lentils
  • Sells Brown lentils
  • Sells Green lentils
  • Sells Red lentils
  • Sells Organic lentils
  • Sells Decorticated lentils
  • Sells Split lentils


  • Sells Green Peas
  • Sells Whole green peas
  • Sells Split green peas
  • Sells Organic green peas
  • Sells Yellow Peas
  • Sells Whole yellow peas
  • Sells Split yellow peas
  • Sells Organic yellow peas
  • Sells Austrian Winter Peas

Pulse Ingredients

  • Sells Granules
  • Sells Powder
  • Sells Precooked Flour
  • Sells Raw Flour

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