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    1611 East Century Avenue, Suite 102, Bismarck, ND 58503
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    AGT Foods is a global leader in value-added processing of pulses and staple foods and a leading supplier of ingredients derived from pulses, including flours, proteins, texturized proteins, fibers, starches and deflavored pulse ingredients, for premium food markets and food companies around the globe.

    AGT Foods was founded on the principle ‘From Producer to the World’, producing ingredients from its facilities in the United States, Canada, Turkey, Australia and South Africa and supplying nutritious, non-GMO, gluten-free and non-allergenic pulse ingredient products to markets around the world. We provide quality solutions for the global food marketplace.

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  • Sells Adzuki beans
  • Sells Black beans
  • Sells Blackeye Peas
  • Sells Cranberry beans
  • Sells Great Northern beans
  • Sells Dark Red Kidney Beans
  • Sells Light Red Kidney Beans
  • Sells White Kidney Bean (Cannellini)
  • Sells Baby Lima Beans
  • Sells Large Lima Beans
  • Sells Navy beans
  • Sells Pink beans
  • Sells Pinto beans
  • Sells Small Red beans


  • Sells Large chickpeas
  • Sells Small chickpeas
  • Sells Organic chickpeas


  • Sells Black lentils
  • Sells Brown lentils
  • Sells Green lentils
  • Sells Red lentils
  • Sells Organic lentils
  • Sells Decorticated lentils
  • Sells Split lentils


  • Sells Green Peas
  • Sells Whole green peas
  • Sells Split green peas
  • Sells Organic green peas
  • Sells Yellow Peas
  • Sells Whole yellow peas
  • Sells Split yellow peas
  • Sells Organic yellow peas
  • Sells Austrian Winter Peas
  • Sells Feed Peas
  • Sells Forage Peas
  • Sells Marrowfat Peas

Pulse Ingredients

  • Sells Fiber
  • Sells Granules
  • Sells Powder
  • Sells Precooked Flour
  • Sells Protein
  • Sells Raw Flour
  • Sells Starch

Foodservice Pulses

  • Sells Pasta
  • Sells Snacks