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    The Redwood Group and our partners originate directly from producers, process the products for human food and pet food companies as well as for export, and package the products in 25kg bags, 50 kg bags, totes or bulk.  Our strategic locations around the United States and Canada have standardized quality assurance protocols which allows the customer to have the same expectation of quality from each facility.   Through our intense focus on quality, transparency, logistics and service, we have earned the trust of some of the largest and most recognizable companies in human and pet food manufacturing.

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  • Sells Cranberry beans
  • Sells Navy beans


  • Sells Large chickpeas
  • Sells Small chickpeas
  • Sells Organic chickpeas
  • Sells Other chickpeas


  • Sells Black lentils
  • Sells Brown lentils
  • Sells Green lentils
  • Sells Red lentils


  • Sells Green Peas
  • Sells Whole green peas
  • Sells Organic green peas
  • Sells Yellow Peas
  • Sells Whole yellow peas
  • Sells Organic yellow peas
  • Sells Austrian Winter Peas
  • Sells Feed Peas

Pulse Ingredients

  • Sells Raw Flour

Foodservice Pulses