Among the more popular legume-based food applications are nutrition bars, an exploding category that offers busy consumers a convenient, functional food option. According to Mintel database, the U.S. and Canada have the highest consumption rate of the bar products. Many products are focused on using only vegetarian ingredient sources to carry a vegetarian claim, which is one of the reasons why pulse ingredients are so popular in the market. Also fractionated pulse protein and fiber find a market in this category.

Pulses can be added to the cereal and energy bars in the form of non-fractionated flour or fractionated powder. Also, it is possible to use in the processed form such as extruded puffs and bits, as well as pulse flakes. Whole pulse flour may be combined with other binding agents such as syrups, while extruded puffs, bits and flakes may be formulated with pulse ingredients. High viscosity and gelling capacity of pulse flour is suitable for use as a binding agent.