Chemically leavened baked products, including cookies, muffins, cakes, crackers and doughnuts, are suited for pulse flour incorperation. Pre-gelatinized flours both in split and whole types are ideal since nutty flavor of pre-gelatinized flour enhances the flavor profile. Browning effect from the pulse flour is usually preferred in these types of products.

Higher incorporation of pulse flour is possible with chemically leavened products since little gluten functionality is required, though 20–30% replacement with conventional wheat flour (in baker’s %) would be a good place to start. Additional flavoring agents such as spices complement the flavor from pulses.

Similarly, flat bread or chemically leavening bread such as tortilla have an advantage since they require little gluten functionality and thus pulse flour does not interfere with gluten functionality. Tortillas give producers the opportunity to more effectively showcase the flavor, color, and texture improvements brought about by the addition of pulses. Pulses are able to deliver heightened nutritional value without compromising the appearance, texture, or taste. Legume enriched tortillas are also stable, durable, shippable, and not prone to rapid degradation.

For sheeted products such as crackers and biscuits, dough becomes extremely extensible when pulse ingredients are incorporated. Pulse flour aids the tearing of the dough yet soft and sticky dough increase the need of attention during handling. Extending refrigeration time help dough come together and easier to handle.